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Commercial Refrigeration

When you partner with Carl’s Quality Cooling and Heating LLC, you’re getting commercial refrigeration installation services that not only help your Conroe property but bring you peace of mind. Our commercial refrigeration contractors are background checked, factory trained, and equipped with years of industry experience. We’ve established our position as one of the finest commercial refrigeration installation services due to our exemplary customer service. With commercial refrigeration being vital for the food servicing industry in Conroe, we can install any type or brand of refrigerator to meet your business needs.


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Maintenance Contracts to include but not limited to the following items:

Spring AC Check Up

  • Inspect electrical connections including contactor points and capacitor ratings.
  • Water wash condenser coil.
  • Visual inspect evaporator coil.
  • Spray evaporator coil with no rinse cleaner.
  • Add pan tabs to help prevent algae buildup.
  • Flush condensate drain line.
  • Inspect blower motor and wheel.
  • Check amps on blower motor, condenser fan motor and compressor.
  • Check refrigerant pressures, temperatures, superheat and subcooling.
  • Check Temperature drop across the evaporator coil.
  • Visual inspect duct system, looking for leaky, torn or worn ductwork.
  • Change customer supplied filters when necessary.
  • Check thermostat for temperature accuracy.

Fall heating Check Up

  • Gas furnace visual inspect heat exchanger for cracks or rust holes.
  • Check flue pipe for proper pitch and termination.
  • Test induced draft motor pressure switch for proper operation.
  • Check incoming gas pressure.
  • Check burner manifold gas pressure.
  • Check for proper gas sediment trap.
  • Check for proper hard gas line piping out of furnace cabinet.
  • Electric heat kits…check all wiring connections.
  • Check each heating element for any defects or breakage.
  • Check High limit Switches.
  • Check operation of heat sequencers and proper staging of heating elements.
  • Inspect blower motor and assemble.
  • Test blower motor run capacitor.
  • Inspect electrical connections.
  • Check and test all safety roll out switches and high limit switch for proper operation.
  • Run test and check temperature rise on system and confirm it is within range per MFG. specifications.
  • Check thermostat for temperature accuracy.
  • Filter Changes Included and done every quarter.

Scale Your Conroe Restaurant or Supermarket with Commercial Refrigeration Installation

Our highly skilled contractors in Conroe understand that a quality commercial refrigerator is essential for businesses that deal with perishable goods. With your business operations depending upon commercial refrigerators, it’s of paramount importance to hire a reliable Conroe contractor you can trust. As inexperienced contractors rarely use the appropriate technique and equipment for installing a refrigerator — said services will likely lead you to lose thousands of dollars worth of consumables. When you need a refrigerated deli case or walk in freezer for your Conroe business, you can trust our commercial refrigeration installation service to come through for you.

Want To Replace Your Old Fridge? Consult Our Commercial Refrigeration Contractors

A commercial refrigerator can sometimes go beyond a point of repair. In such a case, it’s best to get it replaced. There are several clear indications of a worn down fridge, including finding water puddles around the freezer, frost build up, or the fact that it has reached its maximum lifespan. We believe in offering a top quality service to our Conroe clients, which is why Carl’s Quality Cooling and Heating LLC works hard to ensure your freezer is replaced in a timely and prompt manner.

Hire The Finest Commercial Refrigeration Repair Team

A malfunctioning ice machine case or walk in fridge can be disastrous for a food and beverage business in Conroe. A commercial refrigerator can deteriorate over time, resulting in door seal failure, frequent food spoilage, strange noises, and much more. A faulty fridge can negatively impact your grocery store or restaurant’s reputation. With our Conroe clients being our top priority, our commercial freezer repair team can reliably troubleshoot and fix your fridge problems. To preserve ingredients in ideal storage conditions and prevent skyrocketing energy bills, hire our commercial refrigeration repair team in Conroe.

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