The Benefits of efficient mini-split HVAC Systems

The Benefits of efficient mini-split HVAC Systems

By Carl

Efficient mini-split HVAC Systems are very versatile. Mini Split systems are a helpful addition to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) world. For example, you have a hobby that requires you to work in your garage. A duct can not simply be run from your HVAC system servicing your house into the garage. That is against code and could lead to carbon monoxide being brought into the house. This is where a mini split system shines, in garages or rooms that cannot be connected to the HVAC system, rooms that are difficult to cool such as sun-rooms, and newly finished rooms that were not intended for the HVAC system. A mini split system consists of an outdoor unit and one to four indoor units. It can be installed on the wall as a ductless wall unit or it can be installed in the attic (if space is available) and duct the system to the space. The system can be used for room by room temperature control and control each room independently from one another. Say the family that lives out of town comes in for the weekend and everyone likes the temperature set differently. Each indoor unit has its own controller and can be set at different set points than the others. Please note that residential mini split systems can not heat one room and cool another at the same time. These very efficient mini-split HVAC Systems can operate in different capacities as needed and operate on a very quiet level. Some indoor units come with de-humidification features, which in Texas is important to pull that excess humidity out of the air to make you more comfortable. If the indoor unit is wall mounted, you don’t have to worry about leaky or torn duct-work. These indoor units contain washable filters that can be removed, rinsed, and reinstalled once dried. Plus you do not have to worry about buying expensive air filters for your system. Some indoor units even come with special features including a plasma filtering system which upon activation, charges electrons which capture and destroy dust, pollen, dander, mites, and other contaminants. All these indoor air quality features can be easily engaged with the remote controller. This controller is wireless and can be moved around with you and controlled when you are within range. All of this results in why efficient mini-split HVAC Systems could be a great way to meet your needs.

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Efficient mini-split HVAC System

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