Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer


There are many easy options to consider in order to lower your air conditioning costs and save money. As the summer sets in and temperatures rise consider the below options.

1. Upgrade your windows.

                   a. Older windows are not as energy efficient as new ones

                   b. Make sure your windows are sealed properly to the home’s structure.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat. Plus now available are WiFi thermostats. These can be controlled from your smartphone. If you forget to turn your temperature up when you leave for the work day or you want to have it start cooling before you get home. These thermostats are great for that.

3. Use ceiling fans to help circulate the air.

4. Replace the HVAC air filters often. If you have a busy home with kids and or pets these filters get dirty quickly and don’t last 3 months. In some cases they need to be changed monthly. Blocked or restricted air filters cause the system to labor to circulate the air and cause your system to run longer.

                    a. A good alternative is to have a Media filter installed on your system. This will eliminate the need for filters in the grills and the media filter usually last 6 months or more.

5. Reduce sunlight entering the home with thermal lined drapes.

6. Avoid cooking indoors.

7. Make sure your attic has the proper amount of insulation.

8. Have your A/C system maintained twice a year to keep it running at top performance. This also keeps the MFG. warranty current.

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