• What is the life expectancy of my system?

    • Typically a well maintained heating and cooling system will last 12 to 15 years.
    • Like an old car though, as time goes on the performance / efficiency drops.
    • New equipment with higher SEER ratings can save you plenty on your energy bills.
  • What is SEER?

    • SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.
    • We like to say Saving Energy is Every Reason to call Carl’s!
    • NThe higher the SEER rating the better the system performs. 14 SEER is the minimum SEER rating for new equipment.
  • My neighbor had a two stage system installed, what is that?

    • With conventional air conditioning the system is either completely on at 100% or off. This sometimes causes the house temperature to be hot and cold during the off times and still have high humidity in the home.
    • A two stage system controls home comfort levels and humidity better and lowers energy bills. This is done by the compressor running at about 60% capacity and the indoor fan is slower as well. This does a few things: uses less energy, lowers humidity and maintains a more even temperature in your home.
    • We live in Houston and the surrounding areas and humidity is one of the biggest things we have to deal with everyday.
  • How often should I replace my air filters?

    • Most filters you typically buy will say they last up to three months.
    • We highly recommend you check them every month.
    • If you have pets, children or a lot of traffic in your home the filters can get dirty quicker.
  • How often should I service my system?

    • We live in a very hot climate and the heat affects the electrical components in your system. We highly recommend having your system checked twice a year.
    • Run Capacitors fail or get weak causing other motors and your compressor to labor more causing extra wear and tear on the system and shortening the life expectancy and affecting performance.
    • Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and keeps your equipment running at its peak efficiency.
  • Would a larger air conditioner cool my house better?

    • NO… a system needs to be properly sized for your home. If the system is too large it will satisfy the thermostat too quickly and shut off without removing any real heat and humidity. Supply and Return ductwork also plays an important part to be matched to the tonnage of your system.
  • Should I only replace my condenser and keep my air handler?

    • Replacing either an air handler or condenser can lead to mismatched equipment. Mismatched equipment compromises efficiency.
    • Usually the other working unit is of the same age and a new system should be considered for a complete warranty period, matched equipment and efficiencies.
    • Learn more about our AC installation services.
  • Does Carl’s Quality take care of all the necessary items, such as permits?

    • Yes, we acquire a permit for the job as required by the city or township as needed.
    • We are licensed with the State of Texas and fully insured.
  • I’m replacing my system, should I replace the ductwork too?

    • The duct system is equally as important as your equipment.
    • Air flow if very important and sometimes is overlooked. Properly sized supply ducts and return ducts are key to a comfortable home.
  • Does your home have only one or two return air filter grills?

    • Many systems have undersized ductwork causing higher utility bills and poor comfort in your home.
    • Learn about our ductwork replacement service.
  • What does Carl’s Quality Cooling & Heating check when my system is broken?

    • When we come to your home we look at your complete system and not just focus on the problem. There may be other underlying issues that caused the problem in the first place.
    • We will give you a complete evaluation and our recommendations.
    • Learn more about our AC repair service.
  • Do You Need AC Repair, Installation or Maintenance?

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