Common Questions about Media Air Filters


What is a Media Air Filter and what are the benefits compared to a typical 1″ air filter?

A media air filter’s job is the same as a regular air filter, to trap pollutants like dust, pollen, etc. and to keep your indoor HVAC equipment and ductwork clean. However the media air filter is built differently than the typical air filter. Media air filters tend to be within 4 to 5 inches thick and are pleated, creating a larger surface area for the air to pass through giving the air filter a better chance to catch more particles in the air. This makes the media air filter less restrictive than the typical air filter allowing the most system to run using just one media air filter. One typical 1″ air filter is not rated to be used to filter the air for an entire system.

Where is my Media Air Filter located or how do I know if I have one?

The best location for a media air filter is in the ductwork right before the indoor unit in the attic (or wherever your air handler/furnace is located). A media air filter will have it’s own assembly with a door for the filter to easily slide out and in.

How often should I change my Media Air Filter?

While a typical 1″ filter should be replaced after 3 months of use, media air filters last anywhere between 6 months and one year. This depends on: the amount of foot traffic throughout the house, if the exterior doors are constantly being opened and closed, if you smoke or burn candles, if you live close to a construction site that is constantly kicking up dirt in the air, etc.

How do I change my Media Air Filter?

All media air filters are different from one another. The average procedure includes: removing the filter door, removing the old filter, installing the new filter, and reinstalling the filter door. Please see the video below for our filter replacement with the Honeywell F100 Media Air Filter Assembly. Call our office today at 936-264-1133 to schedule your new Media Air Filter installation!


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